Masaru Fortuna

Masaru in Japanese is Superior and Winning. That is us. We have a vision to always excellent in every competition and victory will be a reward for hard work.

PT Masaru Fortuna Komunika was founded by 3 founders of different professions in their work. Each of them pursue the field of Media Advertising, Banking and Media Production. Different professions of the founders, the company was formed to complement each other. Masaru’s naming is derived from Japanese, which means glorious, while Fortuna’s naming means a fortune, it is also a hope of its founders, who sincerely hope that this established company can gain good fortune to succeed.

Our Services

Event Management
We have an expert experience in handling various kinds of brand or corporate events.
Strategic Marketing Communication
We believe that strategy is the key to create an impactful result in case of implementing all the marketing executions.
Ad Sales & Publishing
Media buying and ads buying are the key to expose the audience. We guarantee that we choose the most effective way of it.
Production Interior & Booth Event
There have been many interior productions created for events which contains of booth, bazaar, installation, stand, and many more.
Strategic Public Relations
In order to deliver a good corporate and brand public relation, we serve both strategy and execution as our services.
Production House
We provide creative production including TVC, Digital Ads, Photo production, animation, post production, and many more.

Our Services in Detail

Our Clients

Our Vision & Mision

Our Vision

Gelombang Covid 19 telah menjadi sebuah kejutan bagi kita semua di seluruh dunia. Kami bersama tim hadir untuk memberikan service kami kepada client dan mengembalikan kecermelangan bisnis client kami. 

Our Mision

Kami menghadirkan service “From Strategy, Deliverable Until Audit”. Kami siap menaikan omset anda hingga 80% bahkan lebih.